Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons

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1. Nice to meet you.很高兴见到你。 2. Glad to see you.认识你很高兴。 3. It’s very nice to have a chance to meet you.真高兴能有这个机会认识你。 4. Hi, John.嗨,约翰。 5. Hello.你好。 6. Good morning , teachers and fellow students.老师、同学们早。 7. May I introduce myself to you?我可以自我介绍吗? 8. I am pleased to see you.我很高兴遇到你。 9. I enjoy the privilege of meeting you.我很荣幸遇见你。 10.I am delighted to know you.我很高兴认识你。 11. I am honored to know you.认识你深感荣幸。 12. I am happy to see you.我很高兴见到你。 13. It’s a pleasure to know you.认识阁下深感荣幸。 14. Hi (Hello), everybody.嗨,大家好。 15. Good morning, everybody. I am Danny Chou. I am still a student in high school.大家早,我是周丹妮。我还是个中学生。 16. May I take the liberty of introducing myself to you?我可以冒味地自我介绍吗? 17. Is everything going on well?一切还好吗? 18. Long time no see.好久不见了。 19. Well ! This is a surprise! How have you been?嗯!真是个惊喜!近来可好吗? 20. How’s everything?一切都好吗? 21. How’s your family?你家人都好吗? 22.Hi, are you doing?嗨,马克。你好吗? 23.Fine. And you?不错。你呢? 24. Hello,Jane. how are you?哈罗,珍。你好吗? 25. Pretty good. Thanks. And you?很不错,谢谢。你呢? 26. What’s upheld? Nothing much.怎么了?没什么。 27. What’s happening?近来好吗? 28.Nothing much.I’m just taking one day at a time.没什么。我只是过一天算一天。 29.How are you feeling today?你今天觉得怎样? 30.Just so so.普通。 31. How is it going?近况如何。 32. How’s everything with you?你的一切如何? 33.Hi! Are you having fun?嗨,你过得愉快吗? 34.How have you been (feeling)?你近来如何? 35. So far so good.到目前还好。 36. Hello ! You must be Wang Dong . I’m Wu Liang.你好,你一定是王东,我叫吴亮。 37. May I introduce myself ? Wang Feng, City College.请允许我自我介绍,我叫王丰,在城市大学。 38. Allow me to introduce our principal, Mr. Zhang.请允许我介绍我们的校长,张先生。 39. I feel very honored to attend this conference and shall begin by introducing myself.我很荣幸参加这次会议,并将先从自我介绍开始。 40. I’m a Middle student in Grade Two.我是一名初中二年级的学生。 41. When I was a Middle student, I liked maths very much.当我还是中学生时,我非常喜欢数学。 42. I think I am reasonably frank by nature.我想我生性相当坦率。 43. I am quite reserved, but I value friendship.我相当内向,但我重视友谊。 44. I am a curious person, and I like to learn new things.我是个好奇的人,喜欢学新的东西。 45. Good morning, everybody, My name is Vicky Yang. I am a student in high school.大家早。我叫杨维琪,我是一名高中生。 46. I graduated from Middle school on July, 1993.我于1993年6中学毕业

我的司机开的我的货车撞死人了 怎么办???